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Our Philosophy

We believe that a good bookstore should be the nexus of a community – a place where friends and strangers can come together for a while and feel like an extended family. 


We believe that when you live in a small town, the people behind the counter should know who you are.  That is why we don’t run our bookstore from a back room or an office.  Our staff has over 90 years of combined bookselling experience.  We strive to put that experience to work for our customers, giving them personalized service and tailoring our suggestions to their tastes.  And we want customers to have that experience every time they walk through the front door of our store.  That is why we are not just family-owned, but family-operated.


We also take great pleasure in chatting with and helping visitors from all over the world who are looking for  just the right book to read while enjoying a weekend in the beautiful wine country.  


We pledge relentless tenacity in tracking down that book you’re looking for.  You know – the one you heard about 3 months ago on NPR but can't quite remember the title of.  We can’t guarantee we’ll find it, but we WILL use every resource at our disposal to do so!


We take great pride in our curated inventory, striving to provide a broad, high-quality spectrum of categories and genres to cater to every taste and need.  These include:


  • The largest FICTION SECTION of any independent new bookstore in Sonoma County – over 2500 titles.  This reflects our belief that an extensive, well-chosen fiction section is the backbone of a good bookstore.


  • A MYSTERY SECTION with over 1500 titles.  We also include many posted lists in chronological order of each title in an author's series.  

  • An extensive TRAVEL SECTION covering most of the world.  Looking for the definitive guide for Raratonga?  We’ve got it!

  • A SCIENCE FICTION SECTION which includes an extensive catalog of GRAPHIC NOVELS.

  • A full CHILDREN'S ROOM with over 3000 titles for readers of all ages - from board books for toddlers to young adult fiction.

  • A curated MUSIC CD SECTION with a desert island selection of the best JAZZ, ROCK and CLASSICAL titles, and a knowledgable staff to discuss them with you.



And if we don’t have it, we will order it for you – even if it’s out of print!

Our History

Levin and company began as a dream and a pile of used books on a living room floor.  Founded by Adele Levin, her partner Jacquie Robb and her son Aaron Rosewater in 1991, Levin & Company first opened its doors at 239 Center St., half a block off the plaza.  Consisting of a modest inventory of used books, an old cash register, a microfiche machine and a dusty 13-volume set of “books in print”, we quickly discovered what our real assets were – an enthusiastic and loyal community of customers.  Through their dedicated support, which included many teachers and book groups, we were able to gradually expand our inventory to include new books, CDs & Tapes and greeting cards

Aaron Rosewater at Levin & Company bookstore opening in 1991
Levin & Company interior shot from 1991
Adele Levin and Aaron Rosewater at Levin & Company in 1991

In 1992, Gwen Rosewater joined our staff and we became a true family business!

Gwen Rosewater joins Levin & Company

In 1994, an opportunity arose to move the store to a beautiful historic building on the plaza.  We partnered with our friends at the Jimtown store to redesign the space and open up a combination bookstore/café at 306 Center St.  With some generous local support and the participation of many friends and customers, we were able to triple our inventory and move the entire store in three days!

Moving Levin & Company to the Healdsburg Plaza in 1994
Adele Levin moving Levin & Company to Healdsburg Plaza in 1994
Aaron Rosewater moving Levin & Company to Healdsburg Plaza in 1994
Michael Coyle moving Levin & Company to Healdsburg Plaza in 1994

As our business on the plaza grew, we continued to develop our new book and music sections.  In 1998 we bought the café from Jimtown and expanded the bookstore into the entire downstairs space.  In April of that year, we met a wonderful group of local artists who formed a co-op and leased the mezzanine space as the Upstairs Gallery.  Today they are the oldest gallery in Healdsburg. 

Upstairs Art Gallery logo
Upstairs Art Gallery in Healdsburg

In 2009, Emile Rosewater joined our staff as the third generation of booksellers in our family.

Baby Emile cruising the Levin & Company Children's Room in 1994
Emile Rosewater joins the staff at Levin & Company

25 years later - still having fun in Healdsburg!

Adele Levin at Levin & Company
Gwen Rosewater at Levin & Company
Emile and Aaron Rosewater at Levin & Company
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